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Achieve Smooth and Silky Hair With F450 Amino Acid Treatment At Skin Health Medi-Spa

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Having healthy hair is important not just for your overall appearance but also for your self-esteem. With glowing, smooth, and luscious-looking strands, you’ll feel more empowered and confident to step out and showcase your beauty. There’s no other amazing hair solution that can help manage your look than the F450 Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment.

At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we’re delighted to offer Thermafuse’s F450 product line to clients who are dealing with unwanted frizz, volume, curls, and hair breakage. Our professional hair stylists can provide the Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment to individuals who want to flaunt a smooth and straight hairstyle. To know more about this amino acid hair service, call us or fill out the request form on our website. 

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What Is The F450 Amino Acid Treatment?

Every day, your hair is exposed to sun exposure and other environmental pollutants that deplete its nutrients and proteins needed for thicker and healthy growth. You may also be a huge fan of getting heat styling or using coloring products with harsh chemicals that cause hair breakage, dryness, and frizz. 

If you’re struggling to manage and repair your hair back to its healthy state, you can trust our professional team at Skin Health Medi-Spa to help you care for and restore your natural locks. We use the high-quality products of Thermafuse’s F450 Smoothing Treatments which contain a rich blend of amino acids with other natural ingredients that can nourish your hair and improve its overall texture and appearance. 

The F450 Amino Acid treatment is specifically made for patients with over-processed, heat-styled, and damaged hair. Compared to other hair products, this treatment is completely free from formaldehyde, keratin, and other unwanted chemicals. It has a unique formula of amino acids which provides long-lasting repair, protection, and conditioning to heat-treated, frizzy, and curly hair. 

Overview of Thermafuse’s F450 Product Line for Hair Straightening and Smoothing 

At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we’re committed to providing only the highest quality products to help you address your hair issues and achieve your goals. In addition to equipping our staff with continuing education on the latest trends in hair styling, we also have the professional Fahrenheit 450 (F450) collection for hair smoothing and straightening. 

This amazing product line comes from Thermafuse who’s dedicated to producing the best hair care products for beauty salons and spas. They use the latest technologies to come up with innovative solutions to fix common hair problems. Their F450 collection utilizes the HeatSmart Complex technology which helps ingredients and amino acids penetrate deep into the hair shafts to improve hydration and moisture for smoother and softer tresses. 

Here are some of the products included in Thermafuse’s F450 line: 

  • Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment: This F450 amino acid product works best for controlling and managing unwanted hair volume, frizz, and curls. It comes in different formulations such as original strength or extra strength for virgin and resistant hair types.  
  • Amino Express Smooth and Lock: This hair care product provides a 2-in-1 benefit that improves texture and color while prolonging the effects of the Amino Fusion Smoothing treatment.   
  • Clear One Anti-Residue Shampoo: This shampoo has a unique sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free formula that removes unwanted build-up of residue and mineral deposits in the hair. It also contains amino acids which can deeply revitalize your hair condition. 
  • Smooth Balance Shampoo and Condition: The Smooth Balance products are best used for hair maintenance after receiving the Amino Fusion Smoothing treatment. They help strengthen strands and provide a lasting smoothing effect. 
  • 3-in-One Cleanse, Condition, Refresh: This product contains a sulfate-free solution with fragrance technology to keep your hair fresh and clean.
  • One Pass Hot Iron Activated Smoothing Creme: At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we also use this product for temporary styling and straightening your hair. It also locks in moisture and proteins to provide protection from heat and other damage. 
  • Hot Armor Blow Dry Defense: This product is used to increase protection after heat styling your hair with flat irons and dryers. It also helps control frizziness, dryness, and flyaways. 

Why We Use Amino Acids for Hair Treatments   

Amino acids are known as the building blocks of life and they’re essential for protein synthesis to support the activity and function of normal cells. They’re also necessary for regulating normal bodily functions to maintain wellness and prevent health disorders and infectious diseases. Some of the processes that require amino acids are hormone production, metabolism, immune system, muscle growth, energy balance, and tissue repair. 

When it comes to hair treatments, there are more than 20 types of amino acids needed for repair and healthy growth. Some of the common amino acids that can support hair enhancement are cysteine, methionine, lysine, glycine, arginine, valine, tyrosine, and glutamine.  

Here’s how amino acid formulas can help improve your hair condition: 

  • Increases hair protection: Amino acids bind to the hair cuticle to fill in gaps and provide a protective outer coating to minimize damage from harmful external factors. 
  • Stimulates collagen production: Some amino acids, like lysine, are also needed for boosting collagen growth to increase hair proteins and strengthen follicles to improve elasticity and prevent hair loss. 
  • Enhances hydration: They also help retain moisture and provide a barrier to prevent hair dryness and breakage. 
  • Strengthens hair strands: Amino acids also improve hair strength and stimulate weakened follicles to grow healthier tresses and prevent symptoms of hair loss. 
  • Improves blood circulation to the follicles: They can also improve the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the follicles which can support the active hair growth cycle. 
  • Improves hair density and volume: The application of amino acids to the scalp can also help the strands maintain their structure while boosting volume to create the appearance of a thicker and fuller head of hair. 
  • Adds extra shine to your locks: Using amino acid products also provides a shiny coating to restore your hair’s silky smooth and frizz-free appearance. 

What to Expect From Your F450 Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment  

Traditionally, hair salons use extreme heat flat irons to smoothen and straighten strands. However, the F450 Amino Fusion treatment provides an alternative for hair styling that improves your look without damaging your cuticles, scalp, and strands. 

Our team at Skin Health Medi-Spa is trained in the best techniques for applying the F450 Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment. Here’s an overview of the hair smoothing treatment process: 

  • Your hair will be shampooed using the Clear One Anti-Residue product. 
  • After shampooing twice, your hair will be rinsed and thoroughly combed to remove tangles and be completely dry.
  • Your hair will then be divided into 4 primary sections. The application of the Amino Fusion treatment will begin at the neckline using 1/4 horizontal subsections.
  • Using a tooth comb, the solution will be distributed evenly onto the hair, and the strands are made sure to stay together firmly to ensure proper coverage. The rest of the solution will be applied to the entire hair. 
  • After application, the formula will sit on your hair for about 15 minutes or up to 45 minutes if you want maximum curl reduction.
  • Once processed, the treatment will be blow dried onto your hair then sectioned  again to prepare for the sealing/smoothing process. The temperature and number of flat iron passes will depend on your specific hair type.
  • After the sealing/smoothing process, your hair is allowed to cool down for 15 minutes. 
  • The treatment is finally washed off from your hair with the F450 Smooth Balance Shampoo and Condition. This will be followed by a hair drying and styling session. 

How the F450 Amino Acid Treatment Can Enhance Your Hair 

This formaldehyde-free hair treatment can effectively provide 100% smoothening and straightening that can last for up to 12 weeks. If you have unwanted volume or waves, it can also tame your curls up to 50% to 80% after a single treatment. The amino acids in the formula are likewise biocompatible to your hair fibers, which helps enhance your strands and keeps your hair healthier and smoother than before. 

Using F450 Smooth and Lock and One Pass Smoothing Creme

To improve the results and longevity of your Amino Fusion treatment, our team can also provide the Smooth and Lock and One Pass Smoothing Creme services. They are great add-on treatments that can help control moisture, texture, and volume of your hair. 

The F450 Amino Express Smooth and Lock product is an outstanding 2-in-1hair treatment that locks in hydration and improves the vibrancy and shine of your hair color. It can also help manage frizz by upto 70% and reduce volume from 25% to 50%. 

They can also revitalize and make your hair extensions look good as new. This treatment is usually applied using a flat iron and the whole process can last for at least 15 minutes. Its smoothing effects can last for 4 weeks. 

On the other hand, the One Pass Hot Iron Activated Smoothing Creme is a take-home styling product that can be used to provide a temporary hair smoothing and straightening effect. It’s formulated with a nourishing blend of certified organic extracts which have high heat and dehydration-resistant properties. When applied to dry hair, the F450 smoothing creme can hold moisture to improve softness and silkiness while protecting your tresses from frizziness, humidity, and environmental damage. 

Ideal Candidates for an F450 Hair Smoothing Treatment 

To make sure that this treatment is for you, we recommend having a hair consultation with one of our specialists. We can assess your current hair health and issues and create an appropriate treatment plan that will efficiently address your concerns. 

Generally, an amino acid treatment can be used on all hair types but they’re most effective on patients with frizzy, dry, and damaged strands. Here are other signs of unhealthy hair that may require an instant fix with the F450 Amino Acid solution: 

  • You have many split ends on your locks or your hair gets easily tangled 
  • Your hair has lost its natural sheen and appears dull and rough 
  • You frequently receive chemical treatments such as hair coloring, perms, and keratin
  • You experience frequent hair shedding and have noticeable hair thinning 
  • Your hair feels flat or has no volume 

Other Add-On Treatments You Can Get to Achieve Beautiful and Healthy Hair  

At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we have a wide selection of amazing products that can be used to improve your hair appearance. Here are the other add-on services that you can get to enhance the results of your smoothing/straightening treatment:

  • Toner: A hair toner is used to fix or enhance the tones of your hair. It’s typically included in a hair coloring treatment to help you achieve your desired pigment or correct your existing shade.
  • Clear Gloss: After coloring or smoothing your hair, you can opt to apply a clear gloss which helps improve dullness and improves the shine of your locks.
  • Specialty Hair Serums: This hair product contains active ingredients that replenish nutrients, proteins, and lipids to help manage breakage, frizz, and tangles. They can deeply moisturize your strands to control dryness and keep it soft and smooth all day.
  • Moroccanoil Hair Treatment: This revitalizing hair product is enriched with different vitamins and argan oil which helps improve dryness and moisturizes your locks to restore their healthy and silky appearance.  

FAQS about F450 Amino Acid Treatment 

Q: Is the One Pass Smoothing Creme safe to use every day? 

A: Yes, the F450 One Pass Smoothing creme is ideal for daily hair maintenance with no risks of adverse reactions. One advantage of using it on a day-to-day basis is that it allows easy and flexible hair styling while providing heat protection. 

Q: Can you get highlights after amino acid treatment? 

A: Yes, you can receive hair highlights after the Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment. However, it’s recommended to wait at least 1 to 2 weeks before highlighting or coloring your hair. 

Q: How do you take care of hair after an amino acid treatment?

A: We suggest using the One Pass Hot Iron Smoothing Creme for daily maintenance of your treated hair. You can also apply the HeatSmart Serum dry oil treatment to keep your hair hydrated and shiny. For daily washing, you should include sulfate-free products, such as the Smooth Balance Shampoo and Condition, in your hair care regimen to help extend your smoothing results. 

Q: How often should you get F450 Amino Fusion treatment?

A: Compared to the One Pass Smoothing Creme, the F450 Amino Fusion treatment is longer-lasting and can provide results for up to 12 weeks. You may get additional amino acid treatments after the 12-week period or once you feel its effects are fading. Our specialists are always ready to cater to your questions and concerns, and we can help schedule your Smoothing treatment as needed. 

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