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Therapists use different massage techniques to relieve tense muscles, alleviate pain, and make the client feel relaxed in wellness centers and beauty spas. One of the most commonly used massage therapies is the hot stone massage in which heated or cooled stones are placed on specific problem areas.

A hot stone massage is deeply relaxing. Heated stones are moved to massage and heat each part of the body while larger stones are placed along the body to warm the tissue. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and calms the nervous system, resulting in boosted circulation, reduced pain, and an improved sense of well-being.

Hot stone massages are excellent for reducing the effects of arthritis and insomnia. To get started with your hot stone massage, request an appointment online or give us a call at (603) 742-1980.

Skin Health Medi-Spa: Your Reliable Provider of Hot Stone Massage and Other Massage Therapy

At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we’re dedicated to guiding our patients throughout their deep relaxation and wellness journey to relieve pain and achieve optimal health. We provide high-quality hot stone massages and other spa treatments to help clients relieve muscle tension and relax better.

Our licensed massage therapists are trained and experienced in therapeutic arts, so you can trust us to perform the best hot stone massage technique for your needs. Each body treatment in Skin Health Medi-Spa is performed in a calming guest room for an enjoyable experience during your hot stone massage, or other spa services.

Find out if you’re qualified for this spa treatment today by talking to our professional massage therapists or spa associate at Skin Health Medi-Spa. You can also ask for special offers or book an appointment through our staff.

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Treating Your Concerns With Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage techniques date back to around 5,000 years ago in India when heated stones were used to improve a person’s health and relaxation. Nowadays, more massage therapists are offering this type of massage therapy to relieve pain and improve different body functions.

The stones used in this kind of massage treatment are smooth and flat. They’re volcanic rocks called basalt and they’re chosen for hot stone massage because of how well they retain and transfer heat to the skin.

Turn up the heat and melt away stress, tension, aches, and pains as you experience intense muscle relaxation with this advanced massage therapy technique. At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we offer hot stone massage for We also provide the following massage therapy add-ons:

  • Scalp massage treatment with Doterra essential oils
  • Steamed aromatic towels application to the hands, feet, back, and face
  • Hydrating soy paraffin treatment for the hands or feet
  • Cold and sinus aromatherapy
  • Cupping (15-minute add-on)
  • Warm bamboo

5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage for Your Body

  • Better sleep quality – Since hot stone massages help you relax better, it’s also not surprising that you experience better sleep after the massage therapy. You’re also more likely to be more positive, active, and alert upon waking up.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress – Many studies show the relationship between massage therapy and reduced levels of stress and anxiety in many patients. This spa treatment also improves your cardiovascular health.
  • Relief from pain and muscle tension – One of the main reasons why people choose hot stone massage therapy is because it’s an effective way to relieve pain and muscle tension in different parts of the body.
  • Improved immune system – Hot stone massage therapy also has a positive effect on a person’s immunity. People who try this massage therapy produce less arginine-vasopressin, the hormone that regulates water retention and blood pressure.
  • Increased flexibility of joints – Tense muscles around a joint limit your mobility and flexibility. Relieving the tension in the problem areas using hot stone massage can help you move better without worrying about pain or discomfort.

FAQs About Hot Stone Massage

Q: Why are hot stones used?

A: Hot stones are either placed on specific points of the body or held by one of our massage therapists as they massage your body. The localized heat and weight of the stones relax and warm the muscles, allowing your massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to trouble areas without causing discomfort.

Q: Is it painful?

A: The stones are smooth and usually a few inches long. We heat the stones to a specific temperature range in a controlled heater. If the stones feel too hot or uncomfortable, please let your massage therapist know immediately. We don’t want you to feel any discomfort during your appointment.

Q: How hot are the stones?

A: We heat the stones in a professional stone heater until they are in a precise temperature range. This is typically between 110-130 degrees.

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Feel Pampered and Relaxed With Hot Stone Massage Therapy at Skin Health Medi-Spa

Find the best hot stone massage therapies here at Skin Health Medi-Spa. Our staff always makes sure to put your comfort and relaxation above everything, so don’t hesitate to tell us your requests during the treatment.

Aside from our signature hot stone massage therapy, we also offer specialty massages like deep tissue massage, couples massage, Swedish massage, hand and foot massage, aromatherapy scalp massage, full body massage, and aromatherapy massage.

If you’re looking for other facial spa treatments, our staff at Skin Health Medi-Spa also provides exceptional exfoliation facials to patients who want to rejuvenate and revitalize their skin without surgery. Call us today to know more about our treatments or inquire about introductory offers.