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As we age, our skin’s natural ability to repair itself becomes weaker, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin impurities. But with the right skin rejuvenation treatment, you may now have a solution for these cosmetic concerns, as well as reliable support for boosting your skin’s regeneration.

Skin Health Medi-Spa offers different options to rejuvenate the skin for customers seeking solutions for cosmetic concerns. Accessible for those in New Hampshire and Maine, our skin rejuvenation treatment is tailor-fitted for different aesthetic goals and beauty concerns, giving you a youthful glow. You may schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our beauty plan.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments at Skin Health Medi-Spa

Skin Health Medi-Spa is a medical spa offering different clinical skincare solutions for various skin concerns. We have the right cosmetic treatment for every skin tone, skin type, and aesthetic goal. 

We’re also equipped with cutting-edge technology to conduct these procedures, from dermal fillers to body contouring and laser treatment. For skin rejuvenation, our skin doctor will prepare a treatment plan tailor-fitted according to your goals and current skin conditions or skin concerns.

Achieve Your Ultimate Beauty Goals: Personalized Facial Consultations at Skin Health Medi-Spa
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Skin Rejuvenation TreatmentWhat It DoesProcedureWhat It ResolvesHow Long It Lasts
Skincare Medications and RegimenProvides daily care to maintain skin health and address specific skin conditions and concernsPatients will book a skin care consultation with our skin doctor to receive a full diagnosis of their skin AcneTakes care of overall skin health As prescribed
PellevéHeats up the skin to stimulate elastin and collagen production as radiofrequency energy penetrates its deep layers, giving you a younger-looking and revitalized appearanceA conductive gel will be applied on the skin for better conduction.
The Pellevé device will be applied on the face to deliver radiofrequency energy for stimulating collagen production.
Patients are advised to receive 2 to 3 treatment sessions.
Sagging skinFine lines and facial wrinklesLipstick linesDark under-eyesEyebagsJowlsNeckA year
IPL PhotoFacialStimulates elastin and collagen production by heating up the skin’s top layer, to be absorbed by the skin’s deeper layers.
Cosmetic treatment for broken capillaries or facial redness
A cooling gel will be applied on your skin
You’ll be given protective glasses to avoid eye damage from the laser treatment
A handheld device will be applied on your face
AcneAcne Scars and other types or scarsAge spotsBrown spots or hyperpigmentationMelanomaSun damageBirthmarkUneven skin toneBroken blood vesselsRosaceaFrecklesA year 
Corrective Facials with HydraFacialExfoliates the skin, removing sebum, dirt, and other substances.
Provides the skin hydration with serum made of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.
The skin will be prepared for the procedure by cleaning it.
The HydraFacial device will be applied on the face, suctioning the dirt, cleaning the face, and hydrating it at the same time.
AcneDry skinFine lines and wrinklesOverall skin health4 to 6 weeks
Chemical PeelRemoves the top layer of the skin with chemical peel solutions
Exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells, sebum, etc
Stimulates collagen and elastin production
The chemical peel solution will be applied on your faceAcneAcne scarsFine lines and wrinklesSagging skinBrown spots or hyperpigmentationAge spotsSun damage1 to 2 months
MicrodermabrasionPromotes skin rejuvenation by removing the top layer of the skin using a device with crystals and a vacuum system to suction the particlesThe treatment area will be cleaned to prepare for the procedure
A handheld device will be used to gently sand your face to remove the top layer of the skin, while a vacuum system will suction the dirt, sebum, and other particles
Light acne scarringFine linesUneven skin tonePoresOverall skin healthA month
Collagen Induction TherapyCreates tiny punctures on your skin using fine needles to stimulate collagen and elastin productionYour face will be cleaned and applied with a numbing agent
A microneedling device will be applied on your skin to create miniature punctures
Fine lines and wrinklesSagging skinAge spotsHyperpigmentation or brown spotsEnlarged poresSun damageUneven skin tone3 to 6 months
Dermal FillersAdds volume into the skin with gel-like substances that will also stimulate collagen and elastin productionGel-like substances will be injected into your dermisFine lines and wrinklesSagging skinJowlsLip augmentationFacial fat lossCheeksSunken under-eyes6 to 24 months

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Skin Health Medi-Spa offers different skin rejuvenating treatments tailor-fitted to cater to your needs and aesthetic goals. You may expect licensed aestheticians or doctors of cosmetic dermatology to perform your treatments.

You may learn more about getting the right treatment by scheduling a skincare consultation with our skin doctor to know your skin condition and the prescribed cosmetic treatment. Restore your youthful glow today by visiting our medical spa, leaving us a call, or requesting a quote from our website.

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